A few days before Z was born

V was over 6 weeks old when someone asked me when I was due. It happened twice more over the next fortnight. I wasn't that surprised. After all, I was still in maternity clothes and looked pretty much identical to when I was 3 months pregnant. Without V in my arms, it would be perfectly reasonable to think I was in my first trimester. Recently I read about Mama Spanx Maternity Tights, - designed to 'smooth and firm up your hips, thighs and bum' during pregnancy. Then I discovered buggy fitness classes to help Mums get back into shape. These two things, together with the endless pictures of celebrities in bikinis a few weeks after giving birth bothered me. The subtext is that during pregnancy and after giving birth our bodies should be thin, thin, thin. V is now 7 months and I'm still not into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It doesn't worry me a bit, but it has taken me 3 babies to get to the point where I recognise that hanging onto that extra baby weight for a few months is not just perfectly OK, it's normal. I eat healthily and walk everywhere. I'm a pretty average weight and I don't have any body issues to speak off. I view myself as 'normal'. But it angers me that there's still no escape from this pressure to be thin. All these classes and body-sculpting garments aren't solving a problem, they're creating the problem. So, this is a counter to all that. I want to celebrate the wonder of our post-baby bodies in all their glorious wobblidom! This is your 'off-games' note. Don't feel you have to undertake any form of weight-loss activity. Don't join a gym. Enjoy the first months with your baby without casting a critical eye on your thighs, tummy or anywhere else. Get some sleep if you can. Eat biscuits if it brightens up your day. And if someone asks you when you're due don't be offended, just remember that you're definitely not alone, and for all its imperfections your body has just created something amazing, wonderful and unique.


  1. A beautiful post and a beautiful photo my dear! I whole heartedly agree with all you have said. It took me til Rufus was 2 to loose my baby weight, I just didnt see the point until my two were old enough to not need breast feeding/changing/mummy so much. All in good time I say. lou xxx

    P.s. I have just recognised you.. (no not being a stalker, I see you quite regularly when I am on my lunch breaks)... it's just too weird! I am going to say hi next time I see you!

  2. Here here!! Totally agree. I am happy with my "wobbly jelly bum" (Miss 3's words) if it means I have two healthy kids. And I will happily add a few more sags and wobbles if I have another one too ;)
    That photo of you is just beautiful, stunning! Aw, now I am clucky, just for the belly stage :)
    xx Rhi

    ps. ooh, so cool that you guys will meet! I had always just assumed you knew each other ;)

  3. wow love that photo! I would say it takes about 2 years for your body to be your own again - ignore the pressure and enjoy your baby :-)

  4. Thanks you everyone - was worried I was ranting a bit. Can't wait to meet Lou and love your sweet comment Rhi. Also thanks for comments about the picture - I was going to put one up of my jelly legs but chickened out!

  5. I was already dangerously overweight when I got pregnant with my first. I never gained weight and am still the same weight pregnant with my third as I was before becoming a mother. People always ask me if it baby weight and I say, nope, chocolate weight :)


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