Violet at 6 months

In amongst the sleep-less nights and the constant washing, the nappy changes and the early mornings the 'gosh-I'm-so-tired' and the 'when-will-I-fit-back-into-my-normal-clothes', I have moments in my day when I get a chance to stop and realise this: sometimes it's OK for the sink to be full of dirty dishes and the laundry basket to be full-to-overflowing. It's OK to leave the beds unmade for a day and the post unopened. I can look at Violet in wonder and amazement. That amazing smooth skin, the soft hair on her head, how quickly these early months pass and how privileged I am to have her.


  1. She is beautiful! Such hard work, but so wonderful at the same time. Happy six months!

  2. She is so beautiful! I love her dark eyes.
    I am joining you in the land of sleeplessness and unmade beds and unwashed washing. It's a nice place to be, most of the time! :) And you're so right, we are privileged. It's easy to forget how lucky we are and how easy we have it. x

  3. Happy 6 months V! She has the most gentle face, such a beauty.

    Thanks for your comment love, I have been here, Bug now gone. Just feeling a little quiet...searching for my mojo and that christas spirit. xxx


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