Angels and Horsebacks

Z making snow angels
We woke up to find a real-life snow globe scene outside our window - hooray! After weeks of reading about snow everywhere else in the country Bristol could finally share the excitement. We managed to get everyone dressed, fed, rested, nappy-changed and in the right clothes just as the sun was going down, so about six hours after our first attempt to leave the house! No matter, Z and E both loved being pulled on the sledge and making snow angels was a huge hit with Z.

Afterwards we visited the Carter Steam Fair on the Harbourside for a ride on the vintage merry-go-round and a zoom down the helter-skelter. All the rides are powered by steam and date from 1895 - 1960 and it's great for 2 - 4 year olds, as they are so gentle. They have an arcade full of vintage games like bagatelle which are so evocative of a different era, it felt like going back in time. The carousels are beautifully painted and restored and looked wonderful against the snowy backdrop. We'll be going back before it leaves town, I'm sure.


  1. Wow, a great angel he's making there! Gosh it's freezing this morning... not sure we are venturing out. The steam fair looks great fun too... may have to make a visit over the holidays. lou xx

  2. :-( we are still waiting for our snow. I drove to work yesterday where they had loads but we have had none.


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