Advent Walnut Boats

Yesterday, when Z and E opened their advent jar there was a walnut wrapped up inside. A walnut? They looked at it, and shook it, and wondered what was making it rattle. I discovered they aren't that keen on the taste of walnuts. Once we had opened it we used the shell to make these pretty boats. We ended up making a whole flotilla using shells I had been saving.

Walnut Boats
You will need:
A few walnut shells
A candle (or plasticine or clay)
Cocktail sticks
Old paper
Glue gun

  1. Put glue all around the edge of the walnut shell and dip in glitter.
  2. Cut a sail shape from your paper - we liked squares best but you can also try triangles.
  3. Cut the bottom off the cocktail stick so it has a flat base.
  4. Thread the paper sail through the cocktail stick.
  5. If using plasticine or clay place this in the bottom of the shell and stick the sail in place, otherwise melt the candle wax into the shell and stand the sail in the wax and allow to set.


  1. Awesome idea! Very steiner wardof inspired. Can't wait to see what else are in those jars. loux

  2. Your boats are beautiful! Love the idea of old paper for sails.

    We used to make them when we were kids too, this is a pic my Mum gave me: (hope the link works..?)


    I think they had leaves as a sail.

  3. I've been wondering what you had in those Advent jars! Looking forward to seeing more lovely things being created from their contents.

    I remember, as a child, being given a walnut with a picture of Snoopy on it. I kept it for years, thinking it was so precious. I never once thought about eating it. Your little boats are gorgeous little trinkets; I'm sure your children will treasure them as much as I did that Snoopy shell!

  4. Oh Flourchild that photo is absolutely lovely, wish we could take ours boating to such a beautiful spo! Thank you Julia, the jars are tiny (baby food) so everything has to be small and I have had to wrack my brains! I'll put a few posts up of some of the other things in them so you can have a peek.


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