Advent Snow Globes

Z and E had Christmas cake decorations in their advent jars this week and today we used them to make snow globe jam jars. I painted the lids gold and glued the decorations on using Araldite the night before. Z and E filled the jars with bottled water and added a teaspoon of glycerine (from Boots) and a teaspoon of clear washing up liquid (we used Ecover). They added silver glitter and screwed the lids on tightly. I would recommend standing the finished globes in a saucer for a few hours to make sure they don't leak and sealing the lids with glue if needed.

This is what happens when you leave a 2 and 4 year old with access to 6 pots of glitter while your back is turned, in their own words 'glitter gloves!'

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  1. oh my word I love making these with the kiddies. We are going to make fimo figures this year for in our jars (well that is the plan :-)). Glitter hands, nothing better, you can never have too much glitter lol.


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