Advent Biscuits

Christmas Jammy Dodgers

I wanted to make Jammy Dodgers using the star biscuit cutter that was in the advent jar. But my recipe called for rice flour and I didn't have any. I remembered a post written by one of my favourite bloggers Emma Bradshaw with a recipe included and it came to the rescue and we made these. E managed to take a sneaky bites out of 3 of the biscuits before we had finished!

I didn't think to note what was in each advent jar before writing the number labels. I wish I had so that I could engineer what was being opened on each day. Some advent items are simple pocket treasures whilst others lead to cooking/craft activies and I'd like them to open these at the weekend when we have time for baking and making. Posted by Picasa

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  1. What a lovely advent idea. Those biscuits look a bit hard to resist I can understand why there may have been some nibbles out of them.:)


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