Visiting the Hobbit Cafe

St Werburghs City Farm describes itself as a 'green oasis in the heart of the city'. The tree-house like cafe overlooks the playground and is totally enchanting with its rounded hand-carved windows and benches - it like something a hobbit would live in. The food is organic and sourced from the adjoining farm and it also won the Observers outstanding ethical award a couple of years ago. Afterwards we visited the farm and saw goats, piglets and calves but it was the cafe that Z and E were still talking about when we got home. Just around the corner is the Ashley Vale eco-development which also has some really inspiring sustainble architecture. It is a great place to instill an appreciation of our build environment as Z and E looked at the different styles, shapes and colours of buildings and compared them to our own rather more traditional home. If you're ever visiting Bristol with young children I'd really recommend a visit.
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  1. Love love love St Werburghs, we were there yesterday as we happened to be visiting Bristol.

  2. How lovely that you were here in Bristol - and glad that you paid St Werburghs a visit. I think there's something particularly special about that area of Bristol, a fab community ethos.

  3. Hello there!
    Thank you for popping by! I never knew there was such an amazing cafe at the city farm - now I want to go there!! There's so much to see and explore in Bristol, and though I lived there for several years before coming back to Bath, I still feel there's plenty of Bristol I've not yet discovered! We'll have to do a holiday in Bristol next .... :-)
    Have a great week,
    Denise x


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