Kitchen Sink Baby

Violet taking a wash

I had forgotten how messy (and fun!) weaning is. Violet has just started on solids and each mealtime is a mess of puree everywhere - on the floor, my clothes and all over Violet. I've taken to putting her in the kitchen sink for a post-lunchtime wash. It's much easier and quicker than running a bath, and she loves splashing about.

I only just stopped myself automatically adding washing up liquid before she got in! Posted by Picasa


  1. Love your little Violet flower .
    My family live in Bristol , I,m in the east midlands .
    Put crochet tuition on the google bar . Crochet is the easiest craft ever .I,ll be putting little crochet birds on my blog tomorrow .
    I,ll join you as a follower . If you care to join me I will find you easier--cottonreel


  2. Thank you Solomi558. I hope you have a lovely Christmas here in Bristol and the little ones enjoy all your amazing creations!


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