Origami Garland

I've just discovered origami, and it's perfect for someone like me who loves making but isn't particularly artistically talented. If you were to give me a pen and ask me to draw something...well, let's just say I have grade C art GCSE which came with a recommendation/order for me NOT to continue at A level. Luckily, there are plenty of things that are beautiful and satisfying to make that don't require great artistic skill. This evening I have been putting to use some origami paper that I bought on a whim from Bristol Fine Art. It's beautifully made and hand-printed with gold ink. I'd seen a tutorial on making origami water balloons and thought they'd be perfect to dress up a set of LED fairly lights. So this evening I have been contentedly folding away and made this light garland. The water balloon tutorial I used was here and they are incredibly simple and satisfying to make.


  1. what a beautiful idea! Have you been to papervillage in Southville. Vicks specialises in origami paper..although I think £6 a book is a lot!

    I might have to give these a go, they are gorgeous! lou xx

  2. So pretty. My son loves making those water bombs...I should put him to work making me a garland!

  3. How lovely! I've just found you, and as Mummy in Bristol with two small boys, I shall be back!

  4. That looks amazing! What a great idea. I'm going to raid my daughter's origami stash (she draws on the other side of the paper, it's her 'thing') and have a go myself. Thanks for the great idea.

    Thanks for linking up to my site for Grateful Saturday. Stop by again - it's always lovely to meet someone new. x

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    Looking at the parcels you wouldn't think so much folding is needed.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx


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