Indoor dens

It's been a wet week, so we've been spending time indoors. Z and E love making caves and dens so I decided to give our sofa a rest and make a hideaway in their bedroom for them. I think I loved putting this together as much as they did!

We bought 4 broom handles from our local hardware shop (£1.50 each). Luckily the owner is now used to our unusual requests and didn't bat an eyelid when Z told him we were making a house. Their bedposts have bobbles on the top of each corner which I used to tie each handle in place. Then I rummaged around for fabric to tie to the end and put our huge crochet blanket over the top. It became a shop, then a cave, then a train and Z didn't want to take it down so it doubled up as a four-poster at bedtime, too. Posted by Picasa


  1. Wonderful! I should have bought Rufus round - we have been so bored this bloomin rain! Im gonna get some broom handles in the cupboards to make one too... looks great fun xx

  2. I remember doing this as a child, but with my mums clothes horse or airer - great fun.

    Have a fabulous weekend and 'hellllllo' in return.

    Nina xxx


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