1st Day of Advent

Advent Jars 2010
Today is the fourth Sunday before Christmas and also the start of Advent. I love certain aspects of Christmas. Sparkly lights twinkling from windows, Christmas Carols, mince pies, cards from distant friends and new Christmas-issue stamps from the Post Office. But I also worry about Christmas. I try very hard to make gift-giving just one small part of the Christmas festivies. But sometimes I feel it's an uphill struggle. There is so much marketing aimed at children and Z is reaching the age where he is influenced by the bigger picture of cosumerism outside the walls of our home. As my children get older I want to prevent them from viewing Christmas as nothing more than a celebration based on receiving toys and we go to our local church for the Christmas Service even though we are not a religious family.
This year I have made advent jars for them to share. Each one contains a small gift (a felted ball, a shell, a few paper gold stars), that I hope will encourage them to appreciate the small and home-made in preparation for Christmas Day itself.
Maybe I'm just worrying too much. Perhaps at this time of year I should just let them be absorbed by the childhood joys of unwrapping and the delights of new toys.


  1. we're trying to keep things super simple on the run up to christmas, angel candle holder on the table which turns with the heat of the candle,advent calender (religious nativity one aswell as chocolate one!) putting tree and nativity up on the 1st December, some simple christmas activities (christmas biscuits/gingerbread) and lot of snuggling under quilts and drinking hot chocolate...oh, and we have a basket of seasonal books for this time of year. I hope you have a good first week of advent!

  2. I love this! The jars are a great idea :-)
    For me, Christmas would be great without the gifts - I know that may sound 'bah humbug', it isn't meant to be. It's just that the gifts cause so much stress and anxiety for all involved and if they were taken out of the experience, we'd be left with fun times, visiting loved ones, eating celebratory food and simply being. Sounds perfect to me!
    Have a lovely first week of advent,
    D x

  3. I know what you mean! I love the advent jars...what a lovely idea. I always aspire to do things like this, but never get round to it...boo (maybe a new years resolution)! Well done you! did you make a purchase at the mid-century modern? And was it incredibly crowded? The London one was unbearable! I imagine the Bristol one was better.

  4. I really love your advent jars, such a beautiful idea and very thoughtful too. I agree that Christmas is too commercialised so to try and simplify things and allow children to appreciate the little things in life is so important. Enjoy your advent fun.


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