Sweet Dreams,my Darling


Violet is 4 months old and I am slowly emerging from my newborn cocoon and re-entering the world. I have been trying to encourage her to sleep through the night by introducing an evening bottle and spacing her feeds during the day. I remember when Z was first born finding the interrupted nights incredibly difficult. I was given so much advice on how to get him to sleep through the night that in the end it all became quite mind-boggling and confusing with all the different techniques offered. The one book I found invaluable was by Millpond Sleep Clinic. It offers gentle solutions to common sleeping problems, and I've used it for all 3 of my children at various stages. I recommend it if you have a newborn or difficult sleeper in your family and can't manage controlled-crying which I am hopeless at!


  1. she is adorable, I hope you get some good sleeps x

  2. Joining you in the land of sleepyness... but my nocturnal little feeder is 9 months old now. I love your blog, and your photos are beautiful. I stayed in Bristol for 3 months while backpacking, years ago, it is my favourite city in the UK. Wish I was there now with my kids.. :)


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