The Home Made Tent

It all started when Z asked me to make a tent for his birthday after seeing this one in a sewing book I picked up in a charity shop. I rather rashly agreed to make it for him and once I had ordered the striped fabric and pom pom trim from Deckhair Stripes there was no going back.

I have to confess I enlisted the help of my Mum to finish it in time for his birthday and they love playing in it. If you'd like to try making a tent RL Trim were fantastic. They made all the wooden tent pegs, rope slips and the wooden pole to go in the middle and were kind enough to organise a next day delivery by courier when I realised I'd left everything to the last minute.


  1. This is amazing Catherine, I must finish our tipi! love the material, simply gorgeous, emma x

  2. Thank you. I would never have attempted this without Z's prompting but so glad I did. Can't wait to see your tipi - children love dens, tents and hideaways don't they.

  3. that is stunning well done you x


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