Autumn Crown

Today was a beautiful clear crisp autumn day with barely a cloud in the the sky. E's lovely Godmother Polly was visiting so we headed out for a walk to take advantage of the perfect weather. Between us we have six children aged 0 - 5 and they had so much fun making dens, playing hide and seek and climbing trees. We made them crowns using sycamore leaves joined together with twigs and an ivy stalk tied around the bottom.


  1. Gorgeous idea! I will have to give that a go! Lou xx

  2. Thank you for this idea, I made a great one for my daughter with fresh colourful leaves, threaded on elastic (so, not quite so organic and rustic as yours, but beautiful anyway). Pics on my blog too :)

  3. Miss M looks fabulous in her crown, thank you FlourChild!


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