4th Birthday Preparations

It is Z's birthday in a week and we have been creating his party invitations. I asked him to bring me a collection of his favourite things and then added some of my own ideas to put together a collage. This was lots of fun to create and I really like the way they turned out. Most of the items used are things that have gradually found their way into our home since he came along. Snail shells, pebbles, iced gems and dominoes are all things that we didn't have before he was born but that I now find in his pockets or are given to me as little presents after he finds them.

Here's the finished invitation:

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  1. That is blinking brilliant Catherine

  2. Wow, I love this idea. I may have to pinch it for one of my kids invites this year. Although, I'm trying to avoid parties now in favour of family days where we do something really special instead.

    My daughter always goes to Giffords Circus for her birthday - we were at a complete loss the year it wasn't on.



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