Making simple suppers

We made asparagus pasta for supper last night and Z and E helped me to chop the asparagus spears. Although getting them to help in the kitchen really translates as 'this will take twice as long and be three time as messy' I really like to encourage their cooking skills beyond baking biscuits and cakes. So armed with a (less than sharp) knife each they helped with the chopping. They were both so pleased with being able to cook Daddy tea and I love the look of concentration on their faces.

Asparagus pasta (serves 2)

400g asparagus
125g spaghetti (the kind that cooks in 5 minutes)
20g butter
2 egg yok
2 tbsp grated paremesan plus more to sprinkle if you like

Put a large pan of water to boil.
Chop off the asparagus tips and cut the remainder of the stalks into short lengths (discard any of the hard ends).
Salt the boiling water and add the asparagus stalks
When the water returns to the boil cook the stalks for 4 minutes then add the asparagus tips and cook for a futher minute
Then add the pasta and cook for 4 or 5 minutes until ready
Drain, reserving a cup of the water and return the pasta mixture to the pan
Mix together the butter, egg yolk and 2tbsp parmesan and stir into the pasta
If the reserved cooking water to past as necessary and serve at once with sprinkled parmesan.

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